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Axon 24 XLR


Axon 24 RCA

The Axon 24 features two high purity Silver plated Copper 24 AWG conductors. Each conductor
is comprised of 19 very fine individual wires wrapped in a low dielectric PTFE insulator. Conductors are
shielded in a Silver Plated Copper braided shield with 85% minimum coverage. AXON 24 raw cable is manufactured and hand terminated in the U.S. using Neutrik Silver plated XLR’s

This cable is durable and excels in every way audibly. It is strongly
recommended for audio professionals and audiophiles alike.



  • Shielded twisted pair geometry
  • 24 AWG Mil spec silver plated copper stranded conductors
  • Mil spec silver plated copper shield (85% minimum coverage braid)
  • Ultra low capacitance PTFE dielectric (23pf/ft)
  • low profile 3.75mm diameter
  • Mil Spec quality construction
  • 23pf Capacitance per/ft
  • Hand terminated with WBT Silver Solder
  • Available in balanced, unbalanced, or floating shield terminations (XLR, RCA, XLR&RCA)






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