The Nerve Audio SC-322 speaker cable geometry consists of six 22 AWG Silver coated copper conductors in a twisted pair braid combination. This cable of consists of 3 separate SC-22 cable runs hand braided to fabricate a stereo pair. Every part of this cable is built upon a minimalist approach. Only raw wire has less capacitance and signal effect than the low mass banana terminations used on these cables. Cables are wired stereo on all ends.
All terminations are constructed with minimalistic silver solder joints, soldered by a Master solderer.  Each cable is assembled by hand, one at a time, in the U.S. Since SC-322 speaker cables are hand braided, assembly times can take up to two hours to complete. Our cables represent the best of American hand craftsmanship, quality and performance. There are few other Companies in our industry that can boast this type of production.



  • Braided twisted pair geometry
  • 22 AWG Silver plated Copper stranded conductors
  • Silver plated Copper shield
  • PTFE dielectric
  • Mil Spec quality
  • Terminated  with Nerve Audio ULM (Ultra Low Mass) Silver Z-Plug Bananas
  • Hand terminated in the U.S.A with WBT silver solder
  • Standard Lengths (2.5M, 3.5M)