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The Nerve Audio Burn In File was created by Nerve Audio’s founder Curtis Howard to help audiophiles exercise or “Burn-In their new cables and components. During the manufacturing process of the raw cable itself,  small amounts of impurities and gasses are trapped in both the conducting and insulating materials. These small amounts of impurities can alter the flow of electrons ever so slightly resulting in a tonal shift that will eventually “settle in” over time as the electrical signals flow through the varied cables and components. This conditioning and rearranging of particles within the cable will allow the cable to be more efficient when electrons are moving back and forth through the various conductive materials, which will increase frequency performance, depth, and imaging. The Nerve Audio Burn-In audio file was specifically designed to produces a range of tones that exercise the cables and expedite the burn-in process. Like most cable manufacturers, we recommend a burn in period of at least 100 hours before the cables can truly express their subtle details and characteristics.