Axon 16

Shielded silver coated copper speaker cable 

Axon 18

.9999% silver plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC).

Axon 18 Bi-Wire

Four individually stranded 18 AWG Silver Plated Copper conductors

Axon 22

Silver plated copper shield for highest rejection of RFI and EMI interferences

Axon 24

Two high purity 24AWG silver plated stranded copper conductors

Ultra 20 Sub

high quality silver coated copper subwoofer interconnect cable

Ultra 26S

Ultra slim 2mm Diameter

Vagus 28S

Three high purity 28AWG shielded silver plated solid copper conductors 


Silver plated copper twisted pair 


Stranded hook up wire


Silver OHC solid core hook up wire


18AWG solid hook up wire