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These cables sound amazing! I have changed all my cables to Nerve Audio.
What a difference these cables made in regards to tone and noise rejection. – Carlos Garcia (Los Rasgos)


“I am amazed by how my sound has improved using Nerve Audio Cables. As a performing artist for over 40 years, I recommend them highly!” – Pedro Castillo (Tempano)





“Nerve Audio Cables are used extensively throughout our facility from Axon 18IN instrument cables to Axon 24 Microphone cables. We rely on Nerve Audio’s pristine silver sound signatures in the most demanding of sonic performances. Our mastering room features custom Vagus 22 and Neuron AES/EBU wiring for our converters and Axon 12 bi-wired speaker cables. Quality is second to none!”
Gerry King (Chief Engineer – Skylab Studios)



 I recently installed the Nerve Audio Vegas 22-S interconnects on my transport and the results lit up my system like I have never heard before.  I was impressed with how revealing but smooth the midrange and high frequencies felt compared to my older cables costing well over a thousand dollars. I highly recommend to anyone in the market for new cables, to give Nerve Audio a try, I am convinced you will hear the difference and be far from disappointed. –  Mark Robison