The Axon Sub 22 features two high purity Silver plated Copper 22 AWG conductors. Each conductor
is comprised of 19 very fine individual wires wrapped in a low dielectric PTFE insulator. Conductors are
shielded in a Silver Plated Copper braided shield with 85% minimum coverage.Cables are hand terminated
in the U.S. and the raw cable is manufactured in the U.S. The newly redesigned Silver Element RCA now
features a pure silver plated copper signal path for superior signal transfer.

This cable is durable and excels in every way audibly. It is strongly
recommended for audio professionals and audiophiles alike.



  • Shielded twisted pair geometry
  • 22 AWG Mil spec silver plated copper stranded conductors
  • Mil spec silver plated copper shield (85% minimum coverage braid)
  • Ultra low capacitance PTFE dielectric (28pf/ft)
  • low profile 3.75mm diameter
  • Mil Spec quality construction
  • Silver Element™ Pure silver plated copper signal path RCA connectors (RCA Version)
  • 28pf Capacitance per/ft
  • Available in both RCA and XLR Termination
  • Stock Lengths: 3 meters, 4 meters