Design Details:

The Ultra 20 Sub,
features a single stranded 20 AWG conductor surrounded by a silver plated copper braided shield. Ultra low capacitance PTFE dielectric and are fabricated to aerospace specifications using high purity silver plated copper. Hand terminated in the USA with Nerve Audio Silver Element™ RCAs. The newly redesigned Silver Element RCA now features a pure silver plated copper signal path for superior signal transfer. The Ultra 20 Sub will split a mono subwoofer output from the amplifier to the dual subwoofer inputs.



  • Coaxial shielded conductor geometry
  • Mil spec silver plated copper stranded conductors
  • Mil spec silver plated copper braided shield (85% minimum coverage braid)
  • Ultra low capacitance PTFE dielectric (46pf/ft)
  • Ultra low profile diameter
  • Aerospace mil spec quality raw cable manufactured in the U.S.
  • Silver Element™ RCA featuring pure silver plated copper signal path
  • 41pf capacitance per/ft
  • Hand terminated in the U.S.A with WBT silver solder