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Banana Z-Plugs – Silver

Nerve Audio Silver Banana Z-plugs speaker connector DIY


Nerve Audio Silver Low Mass Banana Z-plugs speaker connectors DIY

Silver plated banana z-plugs. Audiophile quality ultra low mass design. Made from a rolled
Beryllium copper alloy that is plated with silver.Connectors are ultra low mass .62g per/connector.
Construction is Silver plated Beryllium. Bananas will accept up to 12 AWG cable easily. Inside diameter
is 4.20mm. Out side diameter is 4.42mm (standard banana size).  This is the closest you get to no connectors at all.


  • Ultra low mass (0.62g per/connector)
  • Ultra thin construction (0.22mm thick)
  • Silver plated Beryllium
  •  Accepts up to 12 AWG
  • O.D. 4.42mm (standard banana size)
  • I.D. 4.20mm
  • Sold in sets of 4


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