AXON 24 Tonearm Cable

Axon 24 high quality silver coated copper tonearm phono cable.  Terminated with either a standard straight Cardas® or DH Labs right angle 5 pin female DIN connector on the tonearm end and Nerve Audio’s proprietary Silver Element RCA’s on the preamp end. The newly redesigned Silver Element RCA now features a pure silver plated copper signal path for superior signal transfer. This cable is hand assembled in the USA using WBT solder and mil spec quality materials.  Upgrading your tonearm cable will help preserve small, delicate signals sent from the phono cartridge all the way to your preamp. The increased signal integrity not only helps to achieve better balance and tonality, but will help any quality level phono cartridge perform at its best. Each channel features two high purity 24AWG silver plated stranded copper conductors combined in an individual Silver plated copper shield for highest rejection of RFI and EMI interferences then grounded at the din connector to an equally long ground tap lead. Each conductor is comprised of 19 very fine individual wires wrapped in a low dielectric PTFE insulator.

Give your phono turntable a simple but effective upgrade today and hear what you’ve been missing!


  • Shielded twisted pair geometry
  • 24 AWG Silver plated Copper stranded conductors
  • Silver plated copper shield
  • PTFE dielectric
  • Mil Spec quality
  • Terminated  with Nerve Audio Silver Element™ Pure silver plated copper
    signal path RCA connectors
  • Available in both straight and 90 degree versions.
  • Hand terminated in the U.S.A with WBT silver solder
  • Standard Lengths (1.5M, 2.5M)