Vagus Litz Phono Leads

The Nerve Audio Vagus Litz phono leads use silk-wrapped silver plated Litz OFC (oxygen-free high-purity copper) wire that is soldered to machined (from solid brass stock) 14K gold-plated connector. This connector has a split down both sides, which enables the connector to “open up” and slide over the phono cartridge and headshell pins. This produces a very firm and positive connection with high contact area; these connectors will not come loose over time.




  • Each strand is a separately enameled silver coated oxygen free copper wire.
  • The wires are wrapped in silk and twisted together in a Litz construction.
  • The machined clips are 14k gold plated brass.
  • Overall wire length: Approx. 50 mm (2 inches)
  • Outside diameter of connector: Approx. 3mm
  • Length of connector: Approx. 10mm



Color-coded heatshrink is applied over the connectors.
The color code is as follows:
WHITE: Left channel positive (+)
BLUE: Left channel negative (-)
RED: Right channel positive (+)
GREEN: Right channel negative (-)